The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable; the services of Boost Technologies have been invaluable to us and I recommend them very highly.

Office Manager,
Medium-Sized Nursing Home Facility

Utilizing the Managed Services program through Boost allows us to not worry about our infrastructure… at all.

Chief Financial Officer,
Boston Area Investment Firm

About Boost Technologies

After over 10 years working in the IT field for other service providers, Boost Technologies was founded in 2007 on the belief that IT services didn't have to be more of the same.  We'd heard from companies who were dissatisfied with their current IT service providers due to the lack of attention they were receiving because of their size or because they didn't spend the right amount of money per month.  Boost Technologies we understand that every company needs IT support and big or small you expect a certain level of knowledge, support and personability for the money you are spending - that is where Boost Technologies strives.

We are looking for a relationship - not a quick dollar. We want to be that company you can trust to ensure that everything is going smoothly.  Your business is your money and is without a doubt important to you. We want to be that extension of your company that you can trust without hesitation. That extension that you can look at on a month to month basis and say is "working for you".

Unlike other IT service firms Boost Technologies doesn't focus on specific fields or industries. Instead, Boost Technologies takes its knowledge from years working with clients in the marketing, financial services, medical, industrial, professional service, insurance and manufacturing fields to piece together the best possible support, knowledge and expertise. It's because of this vast industry knowledge that we are able to support clients like no one else.

Whether you are looking for Managed IT Services, As-Needed IT Services, Remote Monitoring, Cloud Services or any other solutions we provide you can ensure that Boost Technologies will strive to provide the very best in support, services, knowledge and personability.

Boost Technologies is here for that long term relationship.  Let us know how we can help.


The philosophy of Boost Technologies is simple; treat all clients the way you would want to be treated yourself. Without satisfied clients, how can a company succeed?  The relationships that are built through business can last a lifetime, and our goal is to make that happen.

  • We strive to provide the fastest response times in the industry.  From email support to phone support to responding to monitoring alerts.  You can trust we are always available for you - even after normal business hours.

  • We aren't book smart.  A lot of IT service companies brag about certifications and although we do believe certifications are important, we choose to brag about our many clients and how pleased they are.  We believe knowledge comes from doing, and with over 14 years of experience you can trust we have the experience to work with you and your business.

  • We are honest and will not sell you something you do not need.  We understand that money doesn't grow on trees and we will sit down with you to weigh the pros and cons of any purchase so you fully understand what your hard earned money is going towards.