The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable; the services of Boost Technologies have been invaluable to us and I recommend them very highly.

Chief Financial Officer,
Boston Area Investment Firm

Utilizing the Managed Services program through Boost allows us to not worry about our infrastructure… at all.

Chief Financial Officer,
Boston Area Investment Firm

    Facts of Managed Services

    What Managed Services Means to Your End Users:

    • Predictable and Scaleable Monthly Costs
    • Higher return on investment
    • Scales as you do to ensure your network continues to support your needs
    • Improved Network Reliability
    • Proactively stops the majority of issues before they happen and reduces the impact of events if and when they do occur
    • Increase Staff Productivity
    • Less downtime for your staff
    • Reduce Risk of Internal Threats
    • Fewer risks from security threats and backup failures

    Bottom Line impacts of IT Challenges:

    • Average PC Downtime Incident Time and Cost (IDC)
    • Average downtime= 17 hours @ $30 per hour of downtime or $510 per incident per user
    • Downtime Effects Your Productivity
    • One hour of downtime for a $4M revenue company costs $2000/hr
    • The average company in the US experiences 3 hours of downtime per week
    • $2000/hour x 2 hours x 4 weeks = $16,000/month

    The Reliability of Their Desktops:

    • Largest and least managed part of IT systems: desktops
    • When your users can’t use their desktops they can’t work
    • Unmanaged desktops represent the single largest security weakness in your organization
    • Desktop value is not the hardware
    • Data
    • Value of work done
    • Software vendors are cracking down on license violations

    Email Threats:

    • The cost of spam has more than doubled, costing an average of $1,934 per employee of lost productivity. The cost in 2003 was $874 per employee a year- According to

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